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Welcome to 1 rentacar Malaga

We at 1 rentacar malaga are of the opinion that the best way to explore a holiday location is by renting a car. This way, whenever you feel like seeing something new you can go straight away. No planning, no looking for bus or train tickets i.e. no worries. When you decide to rent a car in malaga airport we want that to be as convenient as possible as well.

At Malaga Airport in Spain it is often very long queues to the rental car desk and it can take hours just to get or arrange your rental car. However, if you rent a car from us we deliver the car to you directly. No need for you to be standing in queus waiting for your turn when you should enjoy your vacation. We will wait for you instead with the car ready to enjoy. Just grab your luggage at the bagage claim and step out the doors.

  • Meet & greet service!
  • No queus!
  • Free delivery!
  • No waiting!
  • Second driver free!
  • No payment upfront.*

* In certain cases we may have to ask for a deposit but normally you pay when you arrive at Malaga Airport.


ECO Friendly

In 1 rentacar malaga we've always try to offer environmentally friendly solutions where possible, we've recently been actively looking for more eco-friendly options for our customers came to Malaga and who are concerned about the environment and want to find ecologic cars and processes that are better for the planet.

Our Green Solutions are generally materials that contain no PVC, are recyclable, and all cars ecologic clean. Throughout the site, we have marked these products with our Green Solutions leaf symbol to highlight them as being eco-friendly. There are some categories where we haven't been able to find eco-friendly solutions, such as vehicle oil which require the conformability of oil. But, we have upgraded most of our PVC (vinyl) to clean cars for rent with water based instead of solvent inks to make them as eco-friendly as possible.


How it works

We will explain what to expect when you book with us and how everything works.

The booking process

The best and easiest way is to book your malaga rent a car here on our website. You could also call us or contact us via email or fax. See contact details here.

To book online you simply fill in the arrival and departure details and follow the steps.


We will charge for your rental car upon arrival. In some cases we may have to ask for a deposit but normally you pay when you arrive at Malaga airport.

The arrival

We will meet and greet you directly outside the Terminal 3 for your convenience. No need to wait in ques in the malaga airport car rental section. Do not follow signs for malaga rent a car the airport just go out as normal.

We will go through the rental contract together and you will be handed the key for your car after the contract has been signed.

We also arrange the return location and time for your departure.

The departure

Normally the malaga car hire is returned to the same location you got it. If not it should be delivered to the location previusly agreed.

In case of returning your malaga rent a car to the Malaga airport. It will be in front of departure flights at terminal 3.

What to expect

You should expect to think only about your holiday well spent without hassle with transport problems. Feel free in your rental car as you do at home with yours.

Welcome to Spain and to 1rentacar!